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Corporate Workshops

Focus on Writing Fundamentals
We've all been to school, but we were all taught in slightly different ways. Some received very formal education in English, but others hardly any at all. If you're needing to use language more effectively for professional purposes then this practical, hands-on workshop is for you. It will guide you through common terminology and tell you how to avoid common grammatical mistakes. It will also guide you in choosing words more carefully for professional purposes and provide a greater awareness of accurate and appropriate business language.
An effective business letter does more than communicate information . It is also often the first exchange between an organisation and its clients, customers and suppliers. This workshop explores how to write a truly effective business letter that showcases your company to create a great impression. This practical workshop will explore how to write persuasively, whether it be neutral, good or bad news. You will have a greater awareness of planning, formats, openings and conclusions.
Effective Business Letters
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According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a report is 'An account given of a particular matter, especially in the form of an official document, after thorough investigation or consideration by am appointed person or body.' But how do we create an effective, quality report? This workshop will focus on creating reports with purpose and audience in mind. It will explore the essentials of using clear, unambiguous plain English to achieve accuracy and brevity/ This hands-on, one-day workshop will include a step-by-step guide to layout and presentation, preparation and formatting (allowing for in-house style)
Report Writing
If you are seeking cost-effective training tailored to your precise requirements we will work collaboratively with you to bring the course of your choice to your worksite. We will provide a 'hands-on' workshop with tailored training materials. We're experienced in working with people from diverse backgrounds and differing skill levels. For more information please contact Sue Fleming at or 0407711667 for further information.

Tailored Training
Course Length
Delivery Mode
face-to-face, on-site
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