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Children's Writing

Course Length

12 weeks

Delivery Mode

Online in 1 hour fortnightly meetings

Course Fee



Have you ever wanted to write for children and not known where to start? This is an ideal course for you! It explores what it is to write for different age groups with a series of fun activities and tasks. No prior experience is needed for this introductory course!

It can be undertaken wholly online through a series of Subject Notes, Exercises and Assessable Tasks. The course comprises 6 parts offered fortnightly in a 12 week time frame:


Fortnight 1: Picture Books (0-2 years) Exercises + Assessable Task

Fortnight 2: Chapter Books (3-8 years) Exercises + Assessable Task

Fortnight 3: Junior Novels (9-13 years) Exercises + Assessable Task

Fortnight 4: Young Adult Fiction (13 years+) Exercises + Assessable Task

Fortnight 5: Values in Children's Books Exercises + Assessable Task

Fortnight 6: Drafting & Editing Exercises + Assessable Task



1. Subject Notes are forwarded by email attachment at the start of each fortnight and are to be carefully read through. This should take approximately 45 minutes every fortnight. Subject Notes are to be kept and referred to throughout the course.

2. There will be a maximum of three Exercises that form part of the subject material each fortnight. The Exercises are separate to Assessable Task requirements and are provided to be practical illustrations. Some will be interactive and we'll have discussions by email or phone at an agreed time. Alternatively, I'm happy to meet for one hour on a fortnightly basis. Meetings can take place at libraries or cafes.

3. Each Assessable Task is designed to take 10 hours to successfully complete and will be forwarded to me by email attachment at the end of each fortnight for comment and feedback. The Tasks are a very valuable tool through which to learn short story writing skills as it enables me to give you specific feedback. Each Assessable Task will be no more than 1,000 words in length.


$380 including all Subject Notes, comments and feedback. Fee payable prior to start of class. Direct bank deposit available. Payments can be made by phone also.

On Enrolment

I will contact you to agree a start and end date. This can be flexible if, for example, you require a break halfway through the course. Upon agreement, assignment due dates will be forwarded to you together with the first fortnight's Subject Notes, Exercises and Assessable Task.

Payment Options

We require full payment to be made upfront to attend the training. Options are:

  • Direct Deposit (EFT)

For More information & to book contact Sue at

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